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Who Has the Best Delivery Route Planner App on the Market in 2020?

Zach Blank


December 16, 2020

How do I choose a route planner app for deliveries?

Having a great route planner improves the efficiency of your delivery drivers. When drivers are efficient, they use less fuel and spend less time on a shift. This saves your company gas costs and hourly wages paid to drivers. To maximize your business profits, you need to choose the best route optimization app for your drivers.

Here are the four best driver apps for mapping your delivery routes
. All are available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

1. Straightaway Route Planner

Though relatively new in the route planning space, Straightaway is best route optimization software currently in the delivery service industry. Its ease of use and streamlined integration of features has made Straightaway the #1 route planner app for drivers across UPS, FedEx, USPS, onTrac, DHL, and Amazon.

What You Get

With Straightaway, here are some of the features your drivers can take advantage of:

  • Adding all stops with one photo: Snap one picture of your shipping manifest, and the app will instantly route all stops along the most efficient route. 
  • Optimize the fastest route available: Straightaway uses its industry-leading algorithm to schedule up to 250 stops in the fastest order possible. This saves the average driver over 1 hour per shift compared to other leading route delivery apps. 
  • Built-in navigation: Turn-by-turn navigation is integrated directly into the Straightaway app, so drivers don’t need to constantly switch screens and view their GPS through a third party vendor.
Straightaway Route Planner App

How Much Does it Cost?

Straightaway has two versions of the app: the Free and Pro versions.

Free version:

  • Up to 25 stops per route
  • 10 hours of use of the built-in navigation
  • Scan up to 25 stops from photos

Pro version: $9.99 per month

  • Will optimize up to 250 stops per route
  • Unlimited routes
  • Unlimited use of the app’s turn-by-turn navigation
  • Unlimited photo scanning

The great news for drivers is Straightaway’s free version utilizes all the features present in the Pro model. If and when drivers decide to upgrade to the pro version of Straightaway, they will find the premium app much cheaper than other top competitors in the industry. 

2. Circuit Route Planner

Circuit began as a simple navigation app for everyday users that included the ability to add multiple stops. As the app became more refined, it grew popular with delivery drivers. Today Circuit is designed specifically for last-mile services and continues to build an efficient and intuitive experience for delivery teams.

What You Get

Circuit offers its users several special features, such as:

  • Priority stops and time windows: with Circuit, users can set the first and last stop of a route, as well as prioritize stops with time-windows. This ensures time-sensitive packages reach their destinations expediently.
  • Easily modify or re-optimize multiple stops on your route: if anything about your route changes, Circuit can re-optimize your schedule with the added/removed stops while on your current drive. 
  • 3rd-party navigation integration: Circuit allows you to use the navigation app of your choosing. Whether you prefer Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, or even MapQuest (yes, it still exists!).

How Much Does it Cost?

Circuit has three versions of the service: Free, Pro, and Circuit Teams.

Free version:

  • Up to 10 stops

Pro version: $20 per month

  • Unlimited routes
  • Up to 500 stops 
  • Spreadsheet importing (Android users only)

Circuit Teams version: 

Dispatch tier – $40 per driver per month

  • Route redistribution to multiple drivers on the fly
  • Live track route progress of all drivers

Recipient tier – $60 per driver per month

  • Everything in Dispatch
  • Proof of delivery
  • Recipient email notifications
  • Recipient SMS notifications

Premium tier – $100 per driver per month 

  • Everything in Recipient
  • Export data to other services

With so many different plans and features, Circuit caters to the needs of drivers and fleets of all sizes. Unfortunately, the pricing of the “Pro” and “Circuit Teams” versions is a bit steep for individual and small fleet operations. Still, many drivers love Circuit for its ability to set stop priorities and time windows. Add the ability to use the navigation app of your choice, and Circuit makes for a great route planner.

3. RoadWarrior Route Planner

RoadWarrior provides a state-of-the-art route planner that customizes your stops based on your preferences. Introduced in 2013, RoadWarrior has become a favorite route planner among delivery drivers as well as travelling salespeople. 

What You Get

With RoadWarrior, customization is the name of the game. Some key features include:

  • Optimizing for multiple types of travel: RoadWarrior is built for more than just the standard delivery route. From one-way trips to highway-free journeys, RoadWarrior gives you total control of your route.
  • Round Trip: Routes can be optimized to create a closed loop with the touch of a button.
  • Sending ETAs with Glympse integration: Glympse allows you to share your real-time location and estimated arrival time using GPS tracking with co-workers and clients.

How Much Does it Cost?

RoadWarrior offers individual drivers Basic and Pro options, as well as a Flex option for teams.

Basic version: Free

  • Routing with traffic, schedules, and availability
  • Up to 8 stops per route
  • Up to 50 optimized stops daily

Pro version: $10 per month

  • Data sync and server backup
  • Upload and reporting
  • Up to 120 stops per route
  • Up to 500 optimized stops daily

Flex version: $10 per month plus $10/month each extra driver

  • Multiple licenses
  • Dispatcher web app
  • Assign routes to individual drivers
  • Live route tracking and monitoring
  • Up to 200 stops per route
  • Up to 500 optimized stops per driver daily

RoadWarrior succeeds in delivering an app that is driver-focused in features and cost. Though the Basic version of the service is limited, the Pro and Flex versions strike a nice balance of performance and price. With customization options for travel types and an affordable enterprise option, it’s no wonder why so many drivers love RoadWarrior.

4. Route4Me Route Planner

By its own accord, Route4Me claims to be the world’s most used route planning and optimization app. Designed with individual users and large fleets in mind, Route4Me provides a robust set of features not usually found in delivery route planners.

What You Get

Route4Me provides drivers flexibility in volume and control of their routes. Among its key features are:

  • Unlimited routes and stops: once a premium member, there are no monthly limits on routes or optimized stops.
  • Voice-guided navigation: only Route4Me provides integrated voice-guided turn-by-turn directions all to stops within the app. No other route planner on the market has this feature.
  • Store & Search: access virtually any information about any stop on any route ever driven.

How Much Does it Cost?

Route4Me offers individual drivers a Free and Monthly plan. For businesses, Route4Me has an enterprise version with several tiers they call Dynamic Routing.

Free version:

  • Up to 10 routes
  • Unlimited stops

Monthly version: $10 per month OR $79 per year

  • Unlimited routes
  • Unlimited stops

Dynamic Routing version (based on 10 team members): 

Route Management tier – $149 per month 

  • Collaborate across the company
  • Connect to any other delivery app
  • Get real-time business insights

Route Optimization tier – $199 per month

  • Everything in Route Management
  • Automatically optimize routes for others

Route Optimization Plus tier – $299 per month 

  • Everything in Route Optimization
  • Use Business Rules (a premium safety monitoring software) in route optimization

In offering optimization of unlimited routes and stops for a flat monthly fee, Route4Me’s value proposition is unmatched. As with Circuit Teams, some may find the Dynamic Routing plans too expensive, especially for teams with more than 10 members. However, the unlimited routes and stops combined with the voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation make the Monthly version of Route4Me a near-ideal route optimization software.

Best Overall: Straightaway Route Planner

When considering which app is best for your delivery business, Straightaway is our top pick. Any of these apps will enhance your company’s efficiency and make you more profitable, but Straightaway gives you the best bang for your buck, especially starting out. 

Straightaway provides the best value for the money. At $9.99 per month for the Pro version of the app, Straightaway’s features are convenient and perfectly streamlined for drivers. Snapping a picture of your address list and having all stops optimized in seconds is the fastest and easiest process of the four apps. With a high volume of stops, unlimited routes, and integration with in-app navigation, Straightaway becomes the clear choice for new drivers and fleet managers. 

When it comes to route optimization, don’t go the extra mile. Get Straightaway.

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Zach Blank

Zach is the co-founder and CEO of Straightaway.

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