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The Top 5 Tools Every Amazon Fleet Driver Must Consider!

Zach Blank


August 31, 2021

New delivery drivers are struggling to meet delivery times, keep customers happy, and increase the client retention rate. By not knowing what to do, Amazon delivery drives may wreak havoc on their company’s high standards of delivery efficiency and speed. 

How does Amazon run so efficiently? How can delivery drivers communicate with customers that their package is safely en-route? How does Amazon guarantee its two-day shipping across the world? It turns out, new Amazon delivery drivers need to adopt new practices to continue operating effectively and avoid customer dissatisfaction. Without the proper education, tools, and guidance, new delivery drivers will not uphold this high standard. 

To work smarter and not harder, there are some tools that all Amazon drivers should use to quickly and thoroughly complete their delivery routes every day of the week.

  1. RoadWarrior

One of the main tools that all new Amazon delivery drivers should check out is RoadWarrior, a fleet management software that helps delivery drivers and fleet managers provide the most effective service possible. 

A service plan called Team RoadWarrior allows the management staff at Amazon to track their delivery drivers to monitor progress, consider any roadblocks during the route, and update the delivery routes to account for changes in the customer’s wishes and expectations. Amazon drivers might suggest this software to their management team so they can provide on-the-fly updates.

Pros: Team RoadWarrior analyzes performance metrics to show which drivers are performing at the top level, so management staff can see which individuals are the most productive and efficient during their delivery routes. 

Cons: The paid version of RoadWarrior, RoadWarrior Flex, still only offers up to 200 stops per route - which is lower than other competitive software apps. In addition, adding another stop on your route costs $10 per person, which can add up to hundreds of dollars per route.

  1. Google Maps

Although Google Maps Is not typically used for massive delivery companies, this easy-to-use app can be a good way for new Amazon delivery drivers to familiarize themselves with route planning technology. If you are used to operating this highly accessible iPhone and Android app on your mobile device, sticking with what you know for the beginning of your delivery career can be a safe stepping stone to more advanced software.

Pros: Google Maps has a simple interface, clear directions, and re-calculates around traffic. It also provides a variety of route options so drivers can select the route of their choice.

Cons: The negatives of using Google Maps include the inability to add more than ten stops, a lack of multi-stop route optimization, and the necessity to input each address manually.

  1. MyRouteOnline

Another route optimization app that is helpful for Amazon drivers is MyRoute Online, a type of software that helps create single or several routes. This app optimizes stop order and allows users to place parameters on the number of stops or hours required per route to better balance workloads.

MyRouteOnline mimics the functionality and style of Google Maps, making it familiar and easy to read for new Amazon drivers.

Pros: Additional benefits of MyRouteOnline include the ability to add notes to specific deliveries, move an address between routes for multi-route planning, three optimization goals to choose from (minimize distance, minimize time, balance distance and time), and the ability to review your route with route automation software. 

Cons: The downsides of using this software are the complicated setup, data syncing issues, and a non-refundable contract.

  1. WorkWave Route Manager

New Amazon drivers can significantly benefit from using WorkWave Route Manager, a cloud-based route software that helps delivery drivers plan routes, meet time windows, accommodate customer requests, manage schedules, and keep both customers and management staff up to date with the status of each delivery in real-time. 

Drivers can send proof of delivery, mark orders as delivered, scheduled, rescheduled, or skipped, and maintain a high level of visibility while completing their delivery route. This increased communication and transparency boosts the connection between management staff and drivers to create better working relationships. 

Pros: WorkWave Route Manager can import orders from outside sources, provide drivers with the most recent delivery schedules, increase transparency between backroom staff and the delivery drivers, and provide live ETAs to boost customer satisfaction. 

Cons: Complicated use and glitches within the software.

  1. Straightaway

Amazon delivery drivers should consider using a route optimization app that can seamlessly upload hundreds of stops from the manifest, automatically calculate the fastest route, and provide turn-by-turn directions for hands-free navigation. If you are a new Amazon driver, the Straightaway route optimization app is one of the most efficient ways to complete your delivery route because it accomplishes all this and more.

Why do Amazon delivery drivers prefer Straightaway over other route optimization apps? Simply put, Straightaway combines the best of all software into one, concise app.

Pros: The main perks of using Straightaway as your route optimization software are the ability to add your entire delivery manifest with the click of the camera button, advanced route optimization and turn-by-turn directions.

Cons: Other route optimization apps are more effective at keeping a close watch on their drivers, such as Routific. 

Amazon Delivery Drivers Can Improve Their Prime Delivery Speeds By Using Straightaway

Although Prime prides itself on the quick and seamless two-day delivery, sometimes not everything goes according to plan. Delivery trucks get stuck in traffic, customers become annoyed, and deliveries are delayed. Amazon should consider adopting Straightaway as their sole route optimization software to reduce mistakes.

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Zach Blank

Zach is the co-founder and CEO of Straightaway.

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