Optimize your delivery route.
Don't go the extra mile.

Snap a photo of your stops and be on your way.

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Core features

Add stops with the snap of a photo

Stop wasting valuable drive time, entering hundreds of addresses manually into the other delivery route planner apps. Our advanced image recognition technology allows you to add stops by scanning your manifest, package label, or an excel sheet with addresses. Automatically add up to 500 addresses with your built-in camera.

Straightaway route planner app - birds-eye view features.

Optimize for the fastest route

Our advanced optimization algorithm analyzes traffic patterns, weather, elevation, road conditions, construction, and 130 other data sources to determine the best route in real-time.

Navigate without switching apps

Our advanced traffic-aware optimization algorithms find the fastest route to your destination and get you there with turn-by-turn navigation. Drive the most efficient route and don’t waste another second in traffic.

Straightaway route planner app built-in turn-by-turn navigation feature.

3 easy ways to add stops

Snap a picture of your stops

Straightaway app - add stops by scanning the shipping label.

Take a picture of a shipping label

Straightaway app - add stops by searching delivery addresses

Manually search addresses

Features customers love

Birds-eye view

When delivering hundreds of packages in dense areas, you just want to see an overview of stops. With birds-eye overview feature, you will be able to see exactly where you are, and all the upcoming stops in the area. Keep an eye on your progress and what needs to get done with our innovative at-a-glance overview.

Straightaway route planner app - optimize the order of your stops for the fastest route.

Simple, beautiful interface

Beautiful design and simple user interface are the core of our product experience. Other apps overwhelm you with multitudes of features, settings, and choices. We obsess over taking away the complexity and delivering a seamless user experience. Simply take a picture and get going.

More stops

Other delivery route planning apps on the market can only analyze up to 50 or 100 stops per route. That doesn’t do you much good when you need to make 135 stops on your delivery route. Add as many as 500 stops in a single trip without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

Straightaway route planner app - optimized order of stops view.

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