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At Straightaway, we’re transforming the way things move, starting with the people who move them. Join us on our mission.

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Company Values

Our strategy informs what we do. Our values inform who we hire, reward, promote, and how we work as a team and with our customers.

Solve root problems. Understand the why. We do things because they make sense, not because “that’s how it’s done.” Success and impact depend on us solving problems at their core. Challenge conventional wisdom and rethink solutions.

Debate, decide, and commit. Be informed, get feedback, and challenge assumptions. Once a decision is made, commit and execute together.

JFDI (pronounced jedi). Commit, then act. We empower people and teams by providing context, autonomy, and responsibility. Great contributors own problems and execute. Great managers get work done by setting context, not by control.

Highly aligned, loosely coupled. Align teams around goals, establish accountability, and move quickly with autonomy. We scale through teams that work independently with clearly defined interfaces and trust.

Be scrappy and move fast. We are limited by time and money. Optimize for both. Use process to increase our speed and results — not for its own sake. Be ruthless with your and others’ time. Hire yourself out of a job.

Build with empathy. We do great work by understanding the success of our customers and developers, end users of their products, and each other. The most competitive products are accessible, inclusive, and avoid bias.

Collective IQ. We work as teams because individual perspectives are incomplete and individual input counts. A diversity of perspectives broaden the signal we can see, so listen actively to colleagues, customers, and surroundings.

Deliver results. We focus on outcomes, not just effort. Great things get done by bringing together creative, technically astute people in an environment for them to deliver.

Embrace unknowns. Be tough, because change is hard. Be courageous, because change is scary. Have vision, because change contains uncertainty.

Failure hurts. Grow from it. Don’t delay failure, protect others from it, or hide it. Address it by helping people respond to and reflect on failures. Understand root causes, take action, and grow.

Personal growth. Work so that there is no distinction between building, working, and learning. Work the hours that respect the opportunity in front of you. You get out what you put in.

Communicate with transparency. Share context on why decisions are made. Talk directly, honestly, and constructively. Surface problems, ask for help, and talk about what you need to be successful. Create room for honesty without retaliation.

Be respectful and humble. To everyone — always.

Diversity and Inclusion

We look for incredibly smart and radically pragmatic people. Our team members have a range of cultural, ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds. We prioritize the progression, growth, and leadership of individuals from all backgrounds and strongly believe in the value of cultivating a diverse team. We encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.

We believe individuals who bring different viewpoints build better product and teams. Differing ideas and thoughts lead to innovative solutions and a more rewarding workplace. We’re looking for people who care about our team and our customers. We act on behalf of the mission and team beyond our own job. We invest in each other’s success and value collaboration on competing and new perspectives.

We’re looking for people who don’t only want to build great product, but want to help grow a great company together, all-in on our technology, our culture, and our play. We want people who are always learning and constantly seeking to stretch themselves. A strong work ethic and grit is at the core of each team.

Working at Straightaway means being part of an amazing community of friendly, diverse, and talented people who work together to achieve big goals. None of us took the same path to get here, but we can all find our world at Straightaway.


100% health: We choose our health benefit options with you and your family in mind. Our benefits package includes 100% medical, dental, and vision insurance premium coverage for our team, 85% for all dependents and 401(k)/Roth matching. We also provide a quarterly benefit dedicated toward your wellness expenses.

Flexible time off: We recognize that we are all at our best when rested and energized. Everyone is encouraged to take a minimum of three weeks accrued vacation per year (with no maximum), in addition to the week off between Christmas and New Years Day. Our dedicated sick days are there for you when you need to recuperate. We also offer generous paid time off, flexible return to work and a financial contribution when your family grows.

Community: We value respect and humility, and our team is active in our respective localities. Whether amplifying the voices in our local communities or mapping natural disaster imagery, we are dedicated to giving back. Additionally, Straightaway matches employee donations to support causes we stand by.

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