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Drive the most efficient route when delivering mail and parcels for USPS

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Dynamic route optimization & navigation app for USPS drivers

Join thousands of USPS delivery drivers optimizing their routes with Straightaway. Automatically add your delivery stops by taking a picture of your daily delivery manifest or scanning parcels one by one. Our advanced dynamic route optimization software will sort through thousands of possible combinations to find the fastest route for the day. Once on the road, the app will find better routes on-the-fly if unexpected events such as road accidents or traffic jams occur. The best part is, there is no need to switch apps to navigate to your stops. We built turn-by-turn navigation right into the app to get you to your stops with ease. No more relying on the USPS DRO, or manually adding stops on Google Maps to get to your delivery stops. We built the Straightaway route planner and optimization app for USPS delivery drivers to take the most optimal route, minimize drive-time, and get home earlier. Don’t go the extra mile. Go Straightaway.

Optimize your USPS route in 3 steps

Simplicity is at the heart of the Straightaway app experience. Step 1 - Create a route by taking a picture of the list of delivery stops or scanning parcels one by one. Step 2 - Once all the stops are loaded, tap the “:” button and select “Optimize Order”. Step 3 - Tap “Get Directions” to get turn-by-turn navigation to your stops.


Add stops with the snap of a photo


Optimize for the fastest route


Navigate without switching apps

Additional features USPS drivers love

All your USPS stops, from a birds-eye view

Delivering mail and parcels in dense areas can get overwhelming. Add all your USPS stops for the day and visualize it on a map. With birds-eye overview feature, you are able to see exactly where you are, and all the upcoming stops in the area. Keep an eye on your progress and what needs to get done with our innovative at-a-glance overview.

Straightaway app birds-eye view feature. See all your delivery stops.

Simple in-app experience

Beautiful design and simple user interface are the core of our product experience. While other USPS optimization software overwhelm you with multitudes of features, settings, and choices, we obsess over taking away the complexity and delivering a seamless user experience. Simply take a picture of your stops and get going.

Efficient ways to add stops

Straightaway app features advanced image recognition technologies that detect addresses from any source. Take a picture of your delivery manifest, USPS SCAN form, shipping label, postal mail, or your Zebra TC77 scanner with addresses to add stops to your route. Take a picture of anything and get going.

Straightaway route planner app - add stops by searching addresses. Reorder the list of stops for the fastest route.

Join 1000+ USPS delivery drivers optimizing their routes

What our users say

Lance W.


“I know my route very well, so I didn’t think I would benefit from a driving route planner, to be honest. I’ll never forget the first day I tried out his new route planner app. I finished my route two hours faster than usual, and I went home to play with my daughter. It was the greatest feeling. Now I use Straightaway every day. Over the last six months, I’ve saved over 140 hours of driving.”

Dj Simone


“I’ve never written a review for an app before. This one deserves it. App is incredible. Taking a picture of the manifest is amazing. Love this app. Changed my life. ”

Delivery Driver


“I’ve been using this app over the past week and it works great. Captures the addresses and is very accurate!! Saved me so much time and now I feel like I can drive any route.”