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Route Optimization and Landscaping: Increase your Daily Efficiency

Zach Blank


May 25, 2021

Route optimization is increasing the productivity of businesses in various industries. This software helps find the shortest distance, reduce travel time, respond to real-time changes, provide driving directions, and remain flexible with alterations to routes and clients. Optimization apps are the most effective method for delivery drivers or service providers in various business sectors.

If you are an owner in the landscaping industry, the perks of route optimization apply to you. Using route planning software helps landscaping companies cut costs by lowering gas consumption, lessening time spent idling in traffic, and preventing time wasted on indirect delivery routes.

As a landscaping company owner, using route optimization software helps improve productivity and utilize your employees’ valuable time. The Straightaway app helps landscaping drivers focus on the most important part of your company - the landscaping. 

Benefits of Route Optimization for your Landscaping Business

Finding a route optimization software that works with your landscaping business is essential to reducing daily costs, improving customer satisfaction, and keeping employees happy. Straightaway helps your landscapers avoid dealing with multiple apps to plan their daily route.

By avoiding wasted time on traffic-filled routes, you can make sure your employees’ valuable time is used effectively. Keeping your landscapers happy and cared for is one of the most important aspects of running a lucrative business with a positive work environment.

Let’s see some of the main benefits of using route optimization software for landscaping businesses in today’s modern world of smartphone apps and real-time information. 

Visualize service routes

If your landscaper spends time sitting in their truck and deciphering where to go, they waste valuable time, fuel, and customer patience. Provide drivers with the software to help them visualize their service routes at the beginning of their day to prevent these losses.

Route optimization apps, like Straightaway, can display the quickest route between various stops in a birds-eye view. This perspective lets drivers see their full route, the roads they have to take, and the jobs required at each stop. By providing a comprehensive view of the entire day’s worth of stops, drivers can quickly and easily see if there have been any real-time updates to their optimized route.

Reduce delivery times

One of the most critical aspects of route optimization is reducing travel time. In landscaping, reducing the time needed to get to your client’s home ensures you show up punctually. If not, clients may immediately begin their experience with you unhappy and disgruntled.

Showing up on time during a promised time slot is crucial to gaining a customer’s trust and confidence in your work. For example, if you schedule a landscaping consultation between 10 am and 10:30 am, but you are late due to unforeseen traffic, you may not arrive at the customer’s house until 11 am. Not only will this give the impression that you poorly planned your day, but it can influence the customer’s decision on whether to move forward with your services.

Lower fuel costs

Sitting in your car and idling is a huge waste of fuel. Unfortunately for landscapers, this happens almost daily while your employees sit in traffic, construction, or while figuring out the best route to the next location.

Route optimization software does all the work, so your workers don’t have to, cutting your fuel expenditure drastically between 20 and 40%. Not only will less fuel help the overhead cost of your business, but it reduces the need for landscapers to stop at the gas station during their busy workday. 

Auto-dispatch feature

Route optimization ensures everything goes as seamlessly as possible when handling multiple landscapers tackling various projects on the same day. Instead of printing piles of paper to hand to your drivers, using an app like Straightaway is key to optimal communication and delivery procedures.

A route optimization app helps your landscapers figure out where to go, when to go, and any further instructions they need along the way.

Improved customer satisfaction and experience

Customers want to know what is going on with the service they ordered. If you say your landscapers will be at their house between 10 and 11 am, and your workers don’t show up until 1 pm without any explanation, this can sometimes be enough to make them cancel your services and hire a more reliable company.

Providing your clients with full transparency and visibility regarding your business is crucial to customer retention and experience. Route optimization software helps drivers know exactly where they are at all times, letting them know how long it will take to get to a specific client.

For example, if your landscaper gets delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, they can contact the next client to let them know they will be 20-30 minutes late. Open communication and transparency are made easier by Straightaway, providing landscapers with the tools to stay in touch with upcoming clients. 

Improve performance

Route optimization is crucial to tracking your landscapers, making little tweaks to improve performance, and remaining efficient during the everyday procedures of your company. Lucky for you, most route optimization apps allow you to track analytics and daily operations to see what areas need improvement. 

Respond to schedule changes

Your drivers and landscapers need to be flexible. A client may cancel at the last minute or re-book to a new time slot. To stay on top of the ever-changing nature of the landscaping business, drivers can benefit from a constantly updating route that responds to destination changes, timing alterations, and cancellations.

Increase number of daily clients

Increased productivity goes hand-in-hand with increased output. By optimizing your landscaper’s route, you can ensure they reach more clients and complete projects quicker. 

Simply put, instead of spending 1 hour driving to reach Client A, you can use route optimization software and see Client A and Client B within the same 1-hour time frame. By cutting down on travel time, you can fit more jobs within the same day. An increased number of jobs per day directly correlates to increased profit.

Having a greater client base provides a cushion for when certain customers back out of a project or no longer need your services, ensuring you still have enough constant capital to keep your business afloat.

Use the Straightaway app to increase business efficiency

Landscaping companies not only need to focus on reducing their daily costs and wasted time, but should take into account the effect wasted fuel and idling time have on your resources.

Straightway helps landscaping companies use the most efficient router to respond to real-time changes and avoid any time sitting in traffic or construction, leading to excess idling and consumption of fuel.

Using Straightaway helps business owners improve workplace morale, keep customers in the loop, and increase their business efficiency.

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Zach Blank

Zach is the co-founder and CEO of Straightaway.

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