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Zach Blank


August 1, 2021

UPS delivery drivers, we heard you.

Recently we’ve seen an increase in UPS drivers adopting Straightaway as their primary route planning and optimization tool. Many drivers are citing the bugs, unreliability, poor user experience, and constant backtracking that comes with using the ORION as some of the reasons for switching over to Straightaway.

While drivers are happy with the Straightaway app, our optimization engine, and built-in navigation, they still couldn’t reliably use the photo scanning feature. Straightaway’s photo scanning feature, AddressDetect, has been a game changer for thousands of FedEx drivers. Drivers simply take a picture of each page of their delivery manifest, and the app automatically creates a route and maps all the stops. While other apps require drivers to add stops one by one, with Straightaway you can simply snap a photo and create a route in seconds. This saves drivers at least 30 minutes each day. But because of the different formatting of UPS manifests, our technology wasn’t great at picking up all the addresses correctly.

Today we are changing that.

Starting today, UPS drivers can snap a photo of their delivery manifest and plan their routes in minutes. We updated our AddressDetect image recognition algorithms to specifically work with UPS manifests and detect delivery addresses with high accuracy. We tested out these updates with drivers and heard overwhelmingly positive feedback. Give it a try and see the magic of creating a route with a snap of a photo.

See you on the road.

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Zach Blank

Zach is the co-founder and CEO of Straightaway.

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