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Launching: Straightaway Nav 2.0

Zach Blank


May 27, 2021

Know where you’re going, and exactly how to get there.

It might surprise some to know that I read every single support request that comes into our queue at Straightaway. Every critique (it can be emotionally draining at times), every bit of praise (I do enjoy the highs), and every single question. I don’t respond to all, we have a team dedicated to that, but I read, internalize and deeply care about what each one of our customers has to say. And there’s been a few consistent themes over the last year. A few things that have stood out and today I am so excited to announce that we’re launching an update that literally thousands of drivers have asked for.

Straightaway is the only app with integrated turn by turn navigation built right in. This is important to us and drivers for a couple of reasons. 1) It saves you from having to constantly switch between Straightaway and your favorite navigation app which kills your battery and 2) it makes navigating between stops easy. We’ve gotten feedback that drivers love not having to switch between apps and can really tell the difference in battery drain; however, there was much more we could be doing. A few critical features were missing.

First, Straightaway drivers need to know their destination. When any of us use a typical navigation app to get from one place to another it’s easy for us to remember where we’re going. That’s not the case with Straightaway drivers. Imagine doing 200+ stops in a single day and keeping all those addresses in your head. Impossible. Time and time again drivers have told us they need the address they’re navigating to on the screen at all times because it’s too easy to forget where you’re going when you're visiting so many stops in a day. So we’ve added the address, big and bold, directly to navigation.

The next bit of feedback we kept seeing was that drivers want to more easily continue to the next stop after completing each stop so, again, we listened. We now load all stops into the navigation queue and when you arrive at a stop, there is a big, juicy “navigate to next stop” button along with a “complete stop” button begging to be tapped. Not only do drivers not need to constantly switch apps, they no longer even have to switch between screens.

Today we’re proud to launch Straightaway Nav 2.0 available for iOS and Android. Try it out and if you have feedback, of course, contact our support team. We’d love to hear from you.


Everything we build is driven by feedback from drivers who use Straightaway every day. Whether it’s for package delivery, food delivery, dry cleaning or errands we help optimize over 1 million stops every day. To all of our drivers, especially those of you who give feedback, thank you for using Straightway.

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Zach Blank

Zach is the co-founder and CEO of Straightaway.

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