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Amazon Is Hiring Drivers For The Holidays

Zach Blank


July 16, 2021

According to an article in CNN Business, Amazon thrived during the pandemic, delivering 2.3 billion more of its own packages in 2020 compared to 2019, but their drivers were not feeling jolly with their jobs. The article attributed the job dissatisfaction to a number of problems with Amazon’s delivery model, including trouble finding bathrooms, inefficient routing and navigation, and too many stops resulting in safety concerns. “Drivers blame Amazon’s routing software for making their days unnecessarily long,” the article stated, adding that drivers would have to double back to a block late in their shift that they’d visited earlier in the day, for instance, and would be directed to take frequent left turns, crossing busy streets on food to make multiple deliveries at one stop.

Yet, Americans need work. As the pandemic wreaks havoc on employment, it’s not looking any better, as world-wide employment scarcity is projected to continue through 2022. According to the World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2021 report, pandemic-induced global shortfall in jobs, relative to 2019 are projected to be in a shortfall of 75 million (down from 144 million in 2020). For those without a college degree, this is devastating, as the competition for work-from-home jobs leaves them out of work for months. And that can mean no money for presents and special holiday meals. And no desire for holiday cheer.

But Rudolf’s nose is pointing to the way. Amazon is hiring for the holiday season, and a quick search in any region of the United States will present job seekers with nearly 50 delivery jobs in their area on any given day. Just glancing through the job requirements, landing a delivery driver job with Amazon is a much easier process than working for UPS, USPS, or FedEx. But knowing that Amazon has problems with high turnover due to delivery logistics and safety concerns, is it worth the hassle?

The short answer is YES! Here’s how you can get a job making $15 to $30 an hour working for Amazon, but you’ll need to take one key action to prevent falling for the usual Amazon delivery problems. Get Straightaway route optimization and be at the top of your game.

Amazon drivers finish their route safely and on time, with this essential app

Most people have no idea that Amazon relies on independent businesses to hire drivers for the season. You heard that right. Most drivers technically work for small businesses rather than working for Amazon. These businesses are called “delivery service partners” or DSPs. The DSP program hires drivers, and sets their own rules. The upside is that Amazon requires the starting pay to be $15 minimum an hour. The downside is that drivers cannot unionize for better pay. So if you apply to be a driver, you are likely to work for a DSP, and though pay, hours, and benefits vary per the DSP, most use the same, inefficient, frustrating Amazon routing software.

Amazon new hires and pros are all catching on to the one secret ingredient that will make or break their job as a delivery driver: and that secret is not a daily pumpkin spice latte (although that helps). The magic ingredient is Straightaway route optimization software. Using their own delivery route planner makes use of the latest technology and simplifies everything, making sure all packages, parcels, and gifts make it to their destination on time. But best of all, it keeps drivers from having to circle back on deliveries and take unsafe left turns. Straightaway’s state-of-art algorithm avoids all those delivery disasters. Santa would be proud.

The efficiency of route optimization cannot be overestimated—A great delivery route planner cuts time and increases volume. Amazon drivers are getting serious props for getting it all done so fast, and it’s keeping their job satisfaction high.

Here’s how it works:

Straightaway features surpass Amazon’s dinosaur software

Savvy Amazon delivery drivers use Straightaway because it was designed by delivery drivers who know exactly how hard it can be to be both efficient and safe. It’s features include seamless navigational integration and industry-leading route optimization. The basic app is free, and other low-cost personal plans are available. Straightaway makes a day in the life of an Amazon delivery driver as easy as decorating a tree:

  • Adds stops with the snap of a photo: It’s so easy, a turkey could figure it out. Simply take a picture of the address on your mobile device and Straightaway instantly maps your Amazon route onto your screen. Amazon drivers complain of needing good bathroom stops along their route. You can add a good bathroom stop with the click of your finger as well! 
  • Optimizes the fastest route in the quickest amount of time: As quick as Saint Nick, the best-in-class route optimization algorithm can organize up to 250 stops in the quickest order in seconds—all while accounting for traffic, road closures, construction, speed limits, and weather conditions in real-time.
  • Safely navigates without switching apps: Turn-by-turn navigation is built right into Straightaway, keeping your attention on the road and not on switching app screens for delivery information, like the Amazon route-optimization software. You don’t want to be toggling between apps when delivering. An injury can take you off your job for good.

How to get a job as an Amazon delivery driver

You are already winning by having the Straightaway route app on your phone. The head elves will be very impressed at your initiative and your technical prowess. The rest of the qualifications for the job are pretty basic. You don’t need to have a commercial drivers licence. Just go to an employment website or to apply. You will need to fill out an online application and will need to take an online assessment, and select your preferred shift. After that, you’ll be sent an email with a 30-minute video to watch about the job. Next you will need to go to an in-person interview, where you bring your ID and proof of employment eligibility. Once they see how awesome you are, you will need to take an online training course about what it’s like to work as an Amazon driver, what to wear, and how to be safe. Since you probably already have the Straightaway app, you already have the leg up on that one.

What to expect once you are hired

When you work for a DSP, you can work full-time, usually 40 hours per week. Some of Amazon’s partners give you the option to work a four-day per week schedule at 10 hours a day, which means three day weekends for holiday fun. Part-time is also an option, but with full-time you’ll receive full benefits. Many DSPs provide an opportunity for overtime and promotions, so you want to be sure you have your own route optimization to keep you safe and to make sure you stand out as an excellent new hire.

Depending on where you work, delivery drivers have the option of using their own vehicle, which means paying for their own gas, insurance, and maintenance, or you can use the Amazon van, which DSPs lease from Amazon, and that means less wear and tear on your own sleigh.

On a typical day you will start at the Amazon delivery station. You load the van with packages, and program your route into route optimization to tell you where to go. You deliver your allotted holiday packages tied up in bows, tell your reindeer to go “on” and make it in time for your series… and cookies and milk for being on the good list.

Amazon drivers are bringing the holiday cheer … while bringing home holiday cash

With Straightaway Route Planner, drivers can save an average of one whole hour over competing delivery route planner apps. Imagine the benefits saving an extra hour could mean for your promotion to head elf! For you, that means more stops made per hour, and avoidance of holiday traffic and road work during peak shopping hours. You will save money on gas and serve more customers who just can’t wait to open up those online orders! Best of all, you are bringing cheer from home to home.

Get ready for some holiday cheer. Get Straightaway.

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Zach Blank

Zach is the co-founder and CEO of Straightaway.

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