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Best Australian Delivery Companies to Help E-Commerce Efficiency

Zach Blank


May 19, 2021

With the entire world going digital in the past year due to the global pandemic, the need for courier services has drastically increased. Instead of just ordering food delivery once a week, the industry has changed - people are doing their grocery, clothes, and pharmacy shopping online.

The average industry growth of courier service in Australia alone experienced a 5.5% boom between 2015-2020, with the industry projection continuing to rise in the next five years.

For the increased demand for online services to be met, every country needs to have an organized and extensive courier service to ensure products arrive on time and in good condition. Following DHL Express, Toll Holdings, and FedEx Express, new courier services in Australia must be established to provide competition.

These new companies need to bring something unique to the table, whether it be increased reliability in product delivery, faster delivery speeds, and same-day or two-day shipping.

Let’s see some of the west Australian delivery companies that can help new e-commerce businesses thrive.

Qualities of a Good Courier Service

For Australian courier services to benefit e-commerce businesses, they need to meet certain quality standards and provide reliable distribution.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important qualities of a high-ranking courier service. Without a method to contact the company and without knowledgeable reps who can help consumers solve their package issues, the courier service will receive poor ratings and reviews online - the death sentence for an e-commerce courier company.


When booking with a courier, you should only choose a company with various options, such as different shipping speeds and delivery locations to suit your needs.

Value for money 

Look for reasonable prices when hiring a courier in Australia to deliver your orders. If you find a company with an absurdly low price, this can indicate low-paid drivers, poor conditions, and underpaid staff.

Experience in the industry

Everyone feels more comfortable dealing with a business that has extensive experience in an industry instead of the new start-up with no reviews or online ratings. Look for a company that is tested, trusted, and reliable when delivering your e-commerce products.

Quick delivery times and options

Arguably one of the most important aspects of e-commerce courier services is quickly delivering products. Instead of you going to the store and browsing the shelves for your product, ordering online increases your efficiency, reduces wasted time, and boosts productivity during your workday.

If your product does not arrive on time or will not be delivered until next week, the convenience factor of online courier services has dissipated.

Top Courier Services in Australia

Canstar Blue reviewed the top courier services in Australia in 2020, rating each company based on value for money, reliability of service, problem resolution, booking process, delivery timelines options, and overall satisfaction.

DHL Express

DHL Delivery Sorting Warehouse

DHL is often considered the gold standard when it comes to courier services in Australia. Earning first place for customer satisfaction for the third year in a row in 2020, this company is doing something right - well, everything right. DHL Express earned five stars in every research category, being the only company to earn a five-star rating for reliability in package delivery.


Fastway is the second choice for e-commerce courier services in Australia due to the high marks regarding value for money and overall customer satisfaction. Fastway also earned four stars regarding delivery timeliness options and problem resolution.

StarTrack Courier

StarTrack Delivery Man

StarTrack earned five stars for value for money and four stars for overall customer satisfaction, showing their ability to handle customer complaints and queries is one of their biggest selling points. With low prices, rate shopping among different carriers to find the right rate, printing labels in bulk, and easy customs information document organization, StarTrack is a good budget option.


FedEx earned four stars for overall customer satisfaction, earning some of the highest rankings in this comparison against other e-commerce courier services. The only downfall of FedEx is the more complicated booking process, since surveys have found that a more accessible booking service via an online platform retains 57% of clients. 

Why should I use Straight Away for e-commerce purchases in Australia?

Although a newbie in the e-commerce courier service world, Straightaway is a solution to the common problems of lost packages, poor customer satisfaction ratings, and slow delivery speeds. Straightaway optimizes the delivery of a package by using core features like:

  • Easily add stops - As an e-commerce courier, you can use the Straightaway app to easily add stops with the touch of a button. Take a look at your manifest or packing label and use the camera to scan the list, automatically importing the addresses into the app for the quickest route creation. 
  • Optimize for the fastest route - Straightaway takes into account traffic, construction, roadblocks, and other hazards that can slow down your route. By analyzing the current road conditions, the app ensures you don’t waste any time on your delivery route. 
  • Navigate seamlessly - The app is simple, functional, and easy to use - even for non-tech savvy people. The optimization software lets you use the turn-by-turn directions without having to switch between various apps.

Can I use Straight Away with my current courier service?

Suppose you are a FedEx or UPS driver in Australia. In that case, you’re in luck - you can use the Straightaway app to improve your efficiency and optimize your route with your current delivery manifest. All you have to do is take a picture of your FedEx or UPS page, optimize your stops, and drive the quickest route without scrolling between apps on your smartphone.

Don’t Miss Out!

The demand for courier services has risen dramatically in the past five years - and will continue to increase in the next few years. The increased demand prompts increased competition, with each delivery company needing to improve its efficiency, reliability, options, and delivery speed to remain one of the best in the industry.

Using the Straightaway app can help courier services in Australia optimize their route, improve delivery times, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Zach Blank

Zach is the co-founder and CEO of Straightaway.

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