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Three Easy Ways Amazon Can Get Happier and More Efficient Drivers

Zach Blank


September 1, 2021

Businesses are always seeking out ways to increase their efficiency, whether it’s in operations, logistics, or people-management. No company has done more to lead this charge toward maximum efficiency in recent years than Amazon. Amazon disrupted how we as consumers expect to have our products delivered to us. They leveraged their massive resources and technological insights into a dominant position in the delivery space. 

But can they make their fleet of delivery drivers even more efficient, and increase their drivers’ job-satisfaction while they do it? The answer is a resounding yes.

To further boost efficiency, Amazon must first maximize the time their drivers spend in the car, removing any distractions that make their job harder and riskier. Second, Amazon can integrate route optimization software like Straightaway to ease the burden on drivers and make deliveries easier. Finally, Amazon should increase the autonomy of their drivers to make them more focused, more dedicated, and ultimately more efficient.

  1. Minimize Downtime, Maximize Drive Time 

The simplest way drivers can increase their efficiency is by maximizing the amount of time they spend driving during their shift. Cutting down on the time that drivers spend resolving logistical issues and dealing with on-the-ground disruptions directly increases the amount of time they can spend focusing on driving and making deliveries. 

Amazon has invested tremendous resources into making their Delivery System as efficient as possible. They are able to combine the smartly-integrated use of powerful mapping technology with their ability to hire massive numbers of drivers as employees and independent contractors. However, their industry-leading position only benefits drivers if the routes are easier. Drivers need solutions that are quick and easy to implement if they are going to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on them to make more deliveries in less time.  

Simplicity will always win, especially in a fast-paced environment where decisions need to be made quickly. In order to get the most out of their drive time, drivers need the simplest possible solution to logistics. That is where a third-party route optimization app like Straightaway can help.

Straightaway is designed with the driver in mind. Features like advanced image recognition lets drivers build their route in moments rather than the minutes they would normally spend scanning individual codes from their manifest. Providing a reliable, easy-to-use route optimization tool that any individual driver can use and rely on is what Amazon needs in order to maximize the time their drivers spend on the road making deliveries.

Amazon can’t control every random disruption that a driver might face when they are out in neighborhoods making deliveries, but they can do more to minimize the amount of time their drivers spend planning their route rather than driving. That’s why features like Straightaway’s traffic-aware optimization algorithms would be so beneficial, as they allow drivers to drive the most efficient route. 

Amazon drivers work long and hard hours, so every optimization matters. Making sure their shifts are spent focusing on driving and delivering rather than distractions will make them more efficient, which means decreased stress, happier drivers, and better business for Amazon.

  1. Optimize The Route. 

Amazon has disrupted the way companies across industries deliver their products to customers. As Amazon seeks to create an even more expansive and efficient Delivery System, including making same-day delivery an industry standard, they will have to seek out ways to optimize the delivery pathing and routing between dozens of drop-off locations. Integrating route optimization software like Straightaway is the logical next step for Amazon in its quest to make same-day delivery the new normal. 

From an individual driver’s perspective, route optimization means being able to quickly and clearly see where they will be driving that day. Straightaway has features that help optimize the route from the driver’s perspective, such as birds-eye view, which lets drivers overview their entire route at a glance.

Being able to get a quick sense of the big picture allows drivers to prioritize their time and energy, making them better-equipped to focus on the road and make safe and timely deliveries. 

Integrating technology that the driver actually finds useful is what will allow Amazon to truly optimize their delivery routes. Straightaway’s advanced optimization algorithm analyzes over 130 data sources, including traffic patterns, weather, and road conditions––information that is critical for drivers to know when they are out for deliveries. Amazon invests heavily in their mapping technology, but so does Straightaway through their collaboration with Mapbox. Plus, Straightaway has a simple, beautifully designed user interface that delivers its powerful features seamlessly. With Straightaway, drivers can perform every aspect of their job from planning today’s route to navigation, all within the same easy-to-use app.

  1. Increase Driver Autonomy 

Increasing driver autonomy means empowering drivers to make their own decisions on the road and not adding unnecessary stress to their job. The simplest way to empower drivers is to provide them with the best stress-free tools for route planning, navigation, and communication. Luckily, drivers can get all the best tools in one app: Straightaway. Even the most stressful peak holiday season routes are shorter by one hour on average when drivers switch to Straightaway.  Straightaway is the tool that drivers can rely on to get their job done faster, easier, and without stress. 

Straightaway provides drivers with reliable navigation tools that make their jobs easier. Reports of Amazon delivery drivers getting into accidents have persisted over the past couple of years. Drivers get into accidents when they are distracted and feel rushed. Drivers can always rely on Straightaway to protect them against these stresses. Straightaway will always find the fastest route with its traffic-aware optimization algorithms, protecting drivers against the most demanding routes. And, Straightaway’s advanced navigation tools allow drivers to easily reroute on the fly if the unexpected happens.   

We know that happy workers are more productive. It’s no secret that Amazon has dealt with some negative press recently in terms of their work-relations. Empowering drivers to integrate route optimization technology like Straightaway into their work is a simple way for Amazon to increase the autonomy of their drivers. 

Increasing the autonomy of their delivery drivers presents Amazon a win-win opportunity. It will make their drivers safer, more invested, and happier, and therefore ultimately increase the efficiency of Amazon’s Delivery System.

Key Takeaways

Straightaway can boost efficiency for Amazon by making their drivers’ lives easier. 

  1. Straightaway lets drivers minimize the time they spend doing non-driving tasks, and maximize the amount of time they spend driving and making deliveries. 
  2. Straightaway optimizes delivery routes for drivers by providing the best tools for pathing and navigation. 
  3. Straightaway empowers drivers and decreases their stress. 

If you drive for Amazon, download Straightaway today!

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Zach Blank

Zach is the co-founder and CEO of Straightaway.

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