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Delivering Part-Time? Read This First

Zach Blank


November 30, 2020

Have your hours been cut due to the recession? Have you lost your job and now find yourself struggling to pay your rent? If you’re already a driver, have lockdowns prevented you from being able to make enough money to make ends meet? Are you in need of extra cash to pay your student loans? Consider joining a delivery service that allows you to use your car and cash in on online shopping trends that show no signs of slowing down.

Is This Job Right for You?

  • Students. Many college campuses have remain shuttered to keep students from spreading the virus in classrooms. Many students may find their work study funds rescinded due to the pandemic. Others may find their work study evolve to become entirely remote. In both cases, students can now afford to make a lot of money all while campuses still remain ghost towns.
  • Furloughed employees. Unfortunately, many businesses were forced to furlough many employees during the pandemic as they struggled to stay afloat. Delivering part-time allows you to take control of your future and be your own boss. This year, more than any other, has reminded us of the importance of being independent. Many assumptions can become immediately upended, so it’s important to be as self-sufficient as possible. If you can earn money with just an app and your car, then you’ve allowed yourself to make money nearly anywhere in the country. Apps like Straightaway allow you to use less gas and save money, so you don’t even have to worry about adding too much wear and tear to your vehicle.
  • No Christmas Bonus This Year. For a lot of families, they’re reckoning with the reality that there might not be a Christmas bonus this year. Working as a courier or delivery proprietor allows you and your family to find a financial cushion this year when you need it the most.

Why is This a Good Job?

This is a huge season for delivery. Given the shopping trends that were already swinging towards the online experience--any fashion marketer will tell you that Instagram is the best runway there is--this year’s holiday season is guaranteed to be one of the biggest ever. For someone looking to make a lot of money in a stable industry with the unemployment rate hovering around 8%, this is the job for you.

One of the benefits of working from home is that employees are able to take greater control of their lives and set their own schedule. Working as a part-time courier allows you to have the benefit of both worlds: you can set your schedule, but you can leave your house!

What Benefits Can You Expect?

Working as a part-time courier requires little to no training. Anyone with a smartphone and a driver’s license has the ability to do it. It’s all about putting aside a little bit of time per day. It’s as easy as trying to kill a few podcasts a day while bustling around the city, or cruising through the suburbs. Moreover, there’s little upfront risk at all. You already have most of the tools required. Any of the little accessories you need, like a dolly, can be purchased at your local Home Depot. Little commitment, big payouts, and little to no training required.

How to Get Started in the Delivery Business / As a Courier / Seasonal Driver

Make sure that you prepare your vehicle for the wear and tear that comes with every season. Think about your tires. Are they rated as all-season tires? We recommend investing in winter tires, or dedicated snow tires, if you live in a snowy area. Big retailers like Wal-Mart provide some of the best deals for tires.

Pro trip: As the temperature outside drops, the air inside a tire contracts and the pressure drops one or two pounds for every ten degree drop. Contrary to common belief, under inflation does not give tires better traction in the snow, it only makes them more vulnerable to damage.

Where to Look for Jobs

The holiday season and Amazon’s success means FedEx and UPS are sure to become busier than ever. They’re so busy, Amazon is entering the business themselves. Definitely begin your search by looking at whatever opportunities may present themselves at the major shipping providers in your area.

When you search for a job, we recommend that you search for a key term or phrase. Being specific about the responsibilities of the job you’re looking for allows you to complete more a thorough search. After using keywords to search for jobs, then conduct a search by industry, as you might be missing jobs that you never thought about in other sectors of the economy that simply haven’t been on your radar. As the holiday season ramps up, all industries will be seeing their supply chains stretched, so be open to more opportunities. You never know what might be perfect for you and what it pays.

How Much do Different States Pay

It’s important that you make sure part-time delivery is the best thing for you, given the many options that are out there. In some states, more than others, it’s lucrative to work as a delivery driver. Wyoming, North Dakota, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, Georgia, and Minnesota are especially great given their cost of living in comparison with states like New York and California. At the same time, if you’re looking for something to tide you over while you’re in between jobs, changing careers, or find yourself in between semesters, delivery part-time will pay off for you no matter where you live.

How to Maximize Income

Logistics, as a whole, is experiencing a wave of automation through software initiatives. The growth of e-commerce is behind these changes. The ubiquity of smartphones and their geo-location tracking systems are contributing to a logistics revolution. With the growing need for data analytics, the future of couriering is dependent on empirical insights from analytical programs to motivate forecasts, maximize profit and meet demand, contain risk, and avoid unnecessary costs. Pro Tip: Fuel and freight costs correlate. When fuel prices go up, freight rates go up so it’s important that you’re passing these costs onto your customer. Be careful because if you’re driving more miles to deliver packages, this might not deliver profit for you.

What Do I Need to be a Successful Courier?

Make sure that you’re properly equipped while you’re on the road. That means having the proper gear, winter clothes, gloves, hand sanitizer, comfortable face mask, and refillable water bottle. We recommend signing up for a service like AAA should you find yourself needing any roadway assistance. Loading your smartphone with the latest industry standard software like Straightaway will allow you to work the most efficient shifts, saving time and money. Pro Tip: Make sure you have a working phone charger at all times as geo-location software services can be draining on your phone. Once you’re prepared, however, you shouldn’t experience any issues.

This season promises to be a busy season. Apart from the holiday rush, we recommend part-delivery as a viable career path for those looking to take advantage of the online shopping boom. Make sure you do all of your research to make sure you’re prepared for all the challenges that seasonal work can bring. Those who enter the field prepared will be rewarded for their patience and foresight.

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Zach Blank

Zach is the co-founder and CEO of Straightaway.

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