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Purple Promise
Imvu Vet
"I absolutely love this app!! I drive for FedEx Express and run routes literally in the middle of no where. Straightaway is always spot on with address location even in the sticks. Way better than road warrior! Easier to navigate too! I love returning to the hub empty! Lol :))"
Great app
Lance W. Fedex driver
“I’ll never forget the first day I tried out his new route planner app. I finished my route two hours faster than usual, and I went home to play with my daughter. It was the greatest feeling. Now I use Straightaway every day. Over the last six months, I’ve saved over 140 hours of driving.”
Like magic
Nilesh Ashra
”Ok so this is like magic - works super well. I usually snap a photo of my route and it just organizes it all. The navigation and route tracking works great, SO much better than doing this the manual way like I used to."

Add 150+ stops in 2 minutes? You bet!

Plan multi-stop routes by taking a picture of a manifest, shipping label, or anything with an address. We use computer vision and AI to add stops to your route and show it on a map.

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Shave an hour off a route? Boom!

No more backtracking. Get up to 250 stops in the most optimal order in seconds with our best-in-class route optimization algorithm.

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Switch apps to navigate? Not here.

With built-in turn-by-turn navigation, you’ll never have to switch apps to navigate to your stops. We look at real-time traffic, road closures, and weather conditions to provide the best routing experience for drivers.

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Add stops with a shipping label? Yup!

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